Cocobay Resort, How Do I Get There...


Cocobay is located on 10 hillside acres overlooking beautiful Ffreyes Bay in the village of Valley Church on the western coast of Antigua. The Resort is approximately 25 minutes from the capital city of St. John's and 45 minutes from V C Bird International Airport.


Cocobay is positioned in a virtual beach haven on the quieter, less commercialized section of the Island. In close proximity to the resort are a series of some of the most pristine beaches in Antigua. These include Little Ffreyes Beach, Big Ffreyes Beach, Valley Church Beach, Jolly Beach, Darkwood Beach and Turners Beach.


On clear days the resort enjoys wonderful views of the volcanic Island of Montserrat. Spectacular sunsets viewed from the beach, restaurant or pool decks or from your private balcony are a daily treat.


Five minutes away is the Jolly Harbor complex, which boasts an 18-hole golf course, tennis facilities, a marina, shops, restaurants, bars and casinos. With this beach haven/nightlife combination, Cocobay is certainly one of the more convenient places to stay in Antigua.


If you plan on renting a car, finding your way to the hotel is easy. True, there are not so many road signs, but then again, there are fewer roads! So for some fun Antigua driving directions, here goes:


First UP, a few words of warning - You drive on the LEFT hand side of the road in Antigua! NOT on the right. Also be on the look out for speed bumps which are very common all over the island. Drive slowly.


  1. Leave the airport and turn left. You know you are at the airport exit when you see the former Stanford International Bank building on your right and Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) on your left.
  2.  As you go along the main road after leaving the airport you will pass under a huge red arch bidding you welcome to Antigua and Barbuda. Follow the main road along to a junction with traffic lights and a Rubis gas station on your right.
  3. Go straight on here to the next set of lights, which is a kind of a T-junction with another gas station on your left (this gas station is also a Mitsubishi dealer).
  4. Take a right here and follow the road to the next traffic lights where you will see a car dealership (Harney Motors) on the left. Make a left turn here.
  5. Follow this road up and over the hill to the next lights. Go straight over and go past the car wash place just after which you turn right.
  6. Follow this road to the end where there is a very sharp left (almost 180 degrees). Take this left.
  7. You are now on the last road, which will lead you to Jolly Harbor and Cocobay Resort, but you will need to pass through several villages on the way.
  8. Keep going on the road for about 10 to 15 minutes and eventually you will go over two huge speed bumps at Bolans Village. Just up and over the hill you will see the entrance to Jolly Harbor on your right.
  9. Go past Jolly Harbor and be on the look out for tall wooden signs that read "Sheer Restaurant", "Cocobay" and "Dennis Restaurant" on your right. Turn right at these signs and follow the road into Cocobay Resort.