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Cocobay Pool Cottages: Why You Should Take The Plunge

Lobby Lizard - Monday, May 04, 2015

cocobay private plunge pool


Ever since their introduction at Cocobay, Pool Cottages have been in hot demand. Private Infinity Plunge Pools are included with Premium Waterfront Suites and Deluxe Pool Cottages. These cottages cost more than regular cottages and you may be wondering why you should upgrade and whether these units are really worth it. Well, judging from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve been told by those who’ve stayed in these cottages, I can only conclude that they really are worth the extra dollars…and here’s why:


SUPER CONVENIENCE. You’re exhausted! That’s the main reason you are on vacation. The last thing you want is to take long walks anywhere. But then its 90+ degrees on most days in Antigua and you are so longing to take a dip in some cool, fresh water. Well, if you happen to be staying in a lesser cottage, then your sole option is to make the five-minute trek down to one of the public pools or to the beach. And once you get there, well, you’ll just have to deal with the distractions of other people, boats and jet skis passing by and who knows what else. On the other hand, if you booked a room with a pool, you only need to drag yourself out of bed and walk the ten steps it takes (trust me, I’ve counted) to get to your very own turquoise fresh water pool. And what’s more, if you booked a Premium Suite, you also have your own private sunbathing deck included. Bring out a few bottles from your complimentary mini bar and man, you have really reached vacationing nirvana.


Distance to Your Private Pool
cocobay private plunge pool


Distance to the Public Pools
cocobay private plunge pool


PERFECT STIMULUS FOR ROMANCE. It’s no secret that Cocobay is designed especially for couples - couples in love, couples looking to renew love, couples discovering love – I see them all the time. Regardless of which of these categories you and your partner may belong to, a private plunge pool is an invaluable amenity to have as part of your accommodation. While you are here, there are sure to be times and experiences you will want to share only with each other. For these special moments you may well find that there is no better prescription than your own private pool for rekindling your love or celebrating your new life together.


So Much More Romantic... Don't you agree?
cocobay private plunge pool


PRIVACY. Now I can’t go recommending all this romantic activity in places that are not secluded or at least sufficiently private. Right? Well, no reason at all for worry in this department. Rustic wattle screens and walls of lush vegetation ensure that your private pool is truly private. You can therefore feel free to enjoy your precious moments with the assurance that whatever transpires will be sufficiently confidential and concealed.


Natural Foliage and Rustic Wattle Walls For Privacy
cocobay private plunge pool cocobay private plunge pool


THE VIEW. Ah yes! This has got to be a big reason why you have chosen or are thinking about choosing Cocobay. I’ll bet a few beers on that. Sure, the Pool Cottages do cost more - but the view you wake up to every morning is priceless. Ask anyone who’s been here and done that– or just take it from me, the Lobby Lizard – gazing out at the beautiful turquoise water every day for 7 days will add years to your life and help you forget all the stresses of work and home. And with a Pool Cottage (especially a Premium Suite) you’ve got one of the best seats in the house. Pull up an Adirondack chair from your private sundeck, grab a towel, and spend long moments of the day staring out at your very own slice of paradise. Not only will the location of the pool rooms afford you much superior views but getting into the pool itself and going right out to the infinity edge will greatly amplify the stunning vista of pure blue sea that surrounds the resort.


Breathtaking Views From The Infinity Edge of Your Pool
cocobay private plunge pool


Well I hope I’ve convinced you to consider upgrading your room. And even if I haven’t, I’m still absolutely sure that you will have a wonderful vacation, whichever cottage you choose to inhabit. Whatever you do though, be sure to look for me after you check in. I’m usually relaxing on a sun lounger near the main public pool. Why the public pool? Well, to be honest, all the private plunge pools are usually booked up.


See you soon!! And please do send us your feedback in the comments below.

Cocobay Lobby Lizard.


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Plunge Pool Fan commented on 11-May-2015 11:41 AM
We got married and spent our honeymoon at Cocobay in 2014 and the Plunge Pool in our room was the best part of our stay.
Anonymous commented on 11-May-2015 01:45 PM
We had a plunge pool for our honeymoon in January 2014, and it was certainly convenient, but we didn't use it as much as we thought because it was not heated and with the privacy of the pool it doesn't get any sun and is quite cold even when it is in the 80's for an Antiguan winter.
Sainsburys commented on 11-May-2015 02:53 PM
we loved our pool. An extra £700 but it's a real treat and an expensive holiday anyway so you might as well make it special. We loved it.
Extraodinary commented on 01-Jun-2015 06:49 AM
We visited in late August 2014 and loved every minute at Cocobay! We were in cottage 37, nope no splash pool but we had read that they are often cold so decided to book one without a splash pool. The cottage we stayed in was very private and had an amazing ocean view! The rooms were simple- white walls, exposed wood beams, French doors onto the balcony where a hammock awaits, they each have a dresser and a small closet for hanging, a mini fridge (that comes stocked but doesn't get re-filled), and a large bathroom with a shower that opens to the very private balcony, and ours had a ceiling fan and air conditioning. The food was amazing, the beaches and two large pools were gorgeous, the staff all went above and beyond. We loved it here even without the splash pool.


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