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Saying "I Do At Cocobay" - Five Destination Wedding Tips

Cocobay Starfish - Monday, June 15, 2015

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A destination wedding can be as intimate or as grand as you would like. Are you interested in getting married at Cocobay Resort? Here are 5 practical reasons to choose to wed in Antigua at our hotel:




Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming, not to mention a true budget buster (more on that later). Planning a destination wedding with us is as simple as calling or emailing the hotel and securing a date and a room. After that, we do it for you. A Cocobay wedding is guaranteed to be simpler and faster to plan than a traditional wedding in your hometown. There are two main reasons why:


 1. We employ a full-time wedding coordinator who is familiar with Antigua’s marriage license requirements and


 2. We offer wedding packages that take care of all your ceremony essentials (photographer, cake, flowers, marriage officer, witnesses, etc.). You can choose a basic or an upgraded package which can include hair and makeup for the bridal party, live steelpan music, videographer or even a horse drawn carriage. Actually, anything you can conceive, ask about it and we will try to make it happen for you. You step off the plane and within 24 hours you can sign a marriage certificate and have your choice of celebration shortly thereafter.





As we mentioned before, the budget is one of the principal considerations when planning a wedding. The affordability of a destination wedding is the main reason so many couples come to Cocobay Resort to tie the knot. For instance, a couple can fly to Cocobay Resort , get married, and stay in one of our garden rooms for a week long honeymoon for a few thousand dollars. This would include lodging, meals, drinks, airfare and our basic wedding package cost of only US$1150.00. Compare that with your average 150-guest wedding costing about $30,000 - which can easily skyrocket to much more in big cities. And you haven't even considered the cost of your honeymoon as yet.




A Cocobay wedding saves you the hassle of having to please everyone. Your guest list can be as small as you and your groom- we provide the two witnesses if you haven’t managed to make a friend or two at the bar who will do it for you. You choose the colors you like, the vendors you want to work with, and the time of day. You are completely in control, if you want to be. Consider us your wedding concierge- once you are happy with the end result. Compare that with the myriad of people you would have to please should you decide to wed in a traditional setting in your city and it is easy to see why Cocobay is a great option for you.




If you’re not the type of bride who wants to walk down a rose strewn isle, maybe a beach wedding is right for you. Show up barefoot if you like! We’ve seen that lots of times. No white dress? No biggie! Wear whatever you like! Been-there-done-that? Arrange your second wedding or a vow renewal with us. We specialize in simple and understated luxury and we tailor all our weddings to suit the couples’ personal preferences.




I mean, have you seen the pictures? No retouching necessary. Our resort allows you to choose from open air to bamboo arches and grassy knolls to sandy beaches - and anything in between. The added bonus is that you are also on your honeymoon so you don’t need to think about packing up after your wedding to go to an exotic destination.




If you’ve ever seen the Father of the Bride movies, you know how much stress can go into the planning of a wedding. If you’d rather have all the fun and intimacy without having to worry about seating arrangements and booking huge venues, a destination wedding may be right for you. Get started on the rest of your life in one of the simplest yet most memorable ways possible- have a destination wedding at Cocobay Resort Antigua.


Did you tie the knot at Cocobay or are you planning to in the future? Share your experience or expectations in the comments below.



Cocobay Starfish


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