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Beach Report Card: Exploring Beautiful Big Ffreyes Beach

YellowBreast @Cocobay - Monday, April 27, 2015

Ffreyes Beach Antigua


Hello there! A very pleasant day to all. This is YellowBreast@Cocobay with my inaugural Antigua Beach Review. You can look forward to many more of these assessments in future since, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Antigua has 365 beaches -one for every day of the year.


Ffryes Beach is located mere minutes away from Cocobay Resort and it is a great option for guests who want to swim or sunbathe off property. The Beach, commonly referred to as “Big Ffryes” (Little Ffryes is the one closest to Cocobay), is visible on your left as you drive into the hotel along the access road.


Aerial View of Big Ffreyes
Ffreyes Beach Antigua


The beach is on the west coast of the island and is flanked by lush green hills at the northern and southern ends. A small beach bar and restaurant (Dennis’) is located on the northern headland while a few luxury villas populate the headland to the south.


While vacationing at Cocobay you may wish to visit Big Ffryes, and just in case you do, here are my considered beach ratings to help you know what to expect.



It’s merely a few minutes’ hike from Cocobay Resort. In fact, if you walk westward along Little Ffreyes Beach then make a left as you get to the headland you will end up at Big Ffreyes in a fraction of the time it would take you to get there using the road.



This beach is over 1 mile long. That makes it excellent for your morning jog or for long leisurely strolls.



The sand on Ffryes Beach is of a very fine, powdery consistency. Locals commonly refer to it as “sugar sand”. You can stroll this beach barefoot if you like. There are no rocks or reefs and, except for a large driftwood tree, the powdery expanse of sand is uninterrupted.



There are a few thatched umbrella-style beach shades close to Dennis’ Beach Bar but these are reserved for patrons. The beach does not have any palm trees on the sand to provide shade, so it is excellent for sunbathing enthusiasts. There are many seaside grape trees but these are several feet behind the sand. Using them for shade will therefore land you some distance away from the water.


Vast Expanse of Powdery Sand Punctuated By A Sole Driftwood Tree
Ffreyes Beach Antigua



The beach is blessed with clear turquoise water - perfect for snorkeling – and it is usually calm year round. The fish here are bold and curious, so you may have to put up with a few nibbles around your toes while you swim around. There is a small trench at the shoreline, but it is relatively shallow. There are areas where the beach is less shallow, however it is generally safe for swimmers with even medium ability.



On clear days you can see the neighboring island of Montserrat to the East. In fact on a really good day, you can discern cars driving by on the Montserratian roads – such is the proximity of the neighboring Island. The Beach faces west meaning you are sure to be treated to spectacular sunsets on many days.


Southern Headland - The best spot for getting a glimpse of Monserrat on a clear day
Ffreyes Beach Antigua



There is no riptide or heavy wind, so Ffryes Beach is not a good beach for kite sailing or windsurfing. You can, however get a Jet Ski or banana boat tour from this beach.

All the beaches in Antigua are public, and Ffryes Beach is one of the more popular. Sundays and public holidays are busy days, and you may experience local bands or families picnicking on weekends.

Ffryes Beach is also a popular spot for photo shoots. Cindy Crawford, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls and Doutzen Kroes have all posed for editorials on this beach so far in 2015. You never know which celebrity you may run into if you decide to pay a visit.


Celebrity Models on Big Ffreyes Beach for H and M Photoshoot in 2015
Ffreyes Beach Antigua



Free public bathrooms and a standpipe for cleaning up your sandy toes are both available at the beach.

There is no lifeguard on duty so inexperienced swimmers should take care to avoid any emergencies.



Shells are at a premium on this beach, though you may find a few gems if you keep your eyes open, especially after a rainstorm.



There are no permanent vendors on this beach, so you will be able to swim and sunbathe with minimum hassle. During cruise ship season (November to March) tourist traffic tends to increase. But most visitors during this time are patronizing Dennis’ Beach Bar and Restaurant and they tend to congregate far north, close to the facility. The rest of this massive beach is still very much all yours, even in peak tourist season.


Big Ffreyes Beach, St. Mary's
Ffreyes Beach Antigua


I hope I’ve been able to give you as much information as you need to help you decide if it’s worth your while making the trek to Big Ffreyes Beach on your next Cocobay visit.


Be sure to ask in the comments below if there is anything else you need to know. Until next time...




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